Cabinet Painting & Refinishing  – Central Florida

Our cabinet refinishing process has been refined over several years, which ensures we provide a consistent, professional, “factory-like” finish every single time!

Let’s give your kitchen a proper update with a stunning and durable coating.

Why is Cabinet Painting & Refinishing so Popular?

Boost Your Home's Value

home buyers and appraisers are paying attention to the kitchen. Professional cabinet painting is a smart investment that pays off when done correctly.

Return on Investment

There is no need to spend 20k on new cabinets. Get even better results at a much lower cost than installing new cabinets or refacing.

Love Your Kitchen

What do new homes, remodeled homes, and all the homes on HGTV share in common? Beautifully painted kitchen cabinets.

Enjoy Better Cabinets

We start our process by removing all of your cabinet doors and drawer faces. These will be deglossed, sanded, degreased, and cleaned.

These steps ensure we have a fresh, clean, properly prepare surface for our primer and finish coats. The cabinet frames inside your kitchen will receive the same treatment.

A Powerful Yet Affordable Way To Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen will be meticulously prepped to protect from paint overspray. Appliances will be removed, all cabinet openings will be covered with 3m plastic film. Floors, counters, and walls will be covered as well! We will leave your kitchen as clean as it was when we arrived!

After prep is complete, we will be spraying everything with a bonding primer to ensure proper adhesion of our finish coat! This will be sprayed with an Air Assisted Airless spray machine, which ensures the absolute finest finish possible!

A Long Lasting Cabinet Coating Will Save You Money

After the primer is dry and ready for recoating, we will be applying Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel (A Sherwin Williams product designed for cabinets!) in the color and sheen of your choice. Again, this will be a sprayed finish with an Air Assisted Airless machine, to ensure a beautiful, smooth finish!

If you desire, we can also add or modify hardware (handles, pulls, knobs), replace existing hinges with soft-close hinges, etc. We can even modify doors to have glass window doors, etc. to show off something in your cabinets! Just ask – we can create your dream kitchen!!

Don’t Just Contract a Painter, Contract a Real Kitchen Cabinet Refinisher

Finally, after the refinishing is complete, everything will be reinstalled in the kitchen. It will all go back exactly as it was, except better. We adjust the hinges on each door to ensure they close perfectly, with exact spacing as required.

From start to finish, most kitchens can be completed in 2-3 days! This is a fantastic way to upgrade your kitchen – we promise that when your friends come over next time, they will ask – “When did you get new cabinets?!” And that’s the goal – your cabinets will look brand new, not like you had them painted. Achieving professional, beautiful cabinets – one kitchen at a time!