How Do You Get Your House Ready for Painting?

Exterior or interior house painting can take several days or even a week in Central Florida, depending on the size of your home. If you want to speed up the work and make the painting contractors’ life easier, you can help by cleaning the walls and moving some of the furniture. Your interior or exterior painters will help you with the more technical aspects of the job, and they will be happy to do the heavy lifting.

How Do You Get Your House Ready for Painting?

Preparing your home before your painters arrive is always a good idea because it speeds up the process and allows you to save some money because your painters won’t spend time moving objects out of the way or brushing down your walls. Here at Custom Care by Caleb, we offer both interior and exterior painting, so the tasks you need to complete depend on the kind of paint job you’ve ordered.

The easiest way to find out what you should do is to call us up and ask. We can speak to you about the kind of work we will be doing, and we’ll let you know how you can help us make sure everything goes smoothly. Depending on the state and layout of your home, we might ask you to help move furniture, clear and clean the area where we will be painting, and cover some of your items.

Exterior House Painting

Painting the exterior of a home is a big job, and it can take several days or even a week, depending on the size of the property. Always plan your project during dry, cool months, since paint dries better when there is little moisture and heat in the air. If you’d like to make the exterior painters’ job easier and quicker, you can remove any items like furniture or plants and brush down your walls before the painting begins.

Timing Your Central Florida Painting Project 

In Florida, not every season is equally suitable for exterior painting. If you have your home repainted during the hot and humid summer months, you’re more likely to experience issues like bubbles forming on your walls, which make the paint job less durable and detract from your home’s attractive appearance. To prevent any issues, plan your project for late autumn, winter, or early spring.

It’s best to get in touch with your painting contractor a few weeks or even months before you need the project to be completed. That way, you’ll be sure to get a suitable slot and you’ll have time to plan the paint job. Your contractor will help you determine what kind of paint is best for your home’s siding material, and they will show you a range of colors, so you can select something that fits your property’s unique look.

Cleaning the Walls 

Repainting the outside of an entire house can cost you several thousands of dollars because your contractors might spend multiple days working on your project. However, you can speed up the process and reduce the cost by preparing your walls yourself. Start by removing any outdoor furniture in the vicinity and placing it somewhere where it won’t disturb the painters.

Trim shrubs that might interfere with the work, and remove plants climbing up your walls. Any fixed objects can either be covered with cloth or taped with painter’s tape, so they stay paint-free. Next, brush down the walls to remove any debris, which might include dust, spider webs, and leaves. Your painters will clean your walls more thoroughly, but their job is easier when you’ve already brushed them and made sure they are clear of debris.

What Can Your Exterior Painters Do?

Don’t worry about washing or sanding down your walls because professional painters will do these jobs for you. They are better able to handle such tasks because they already have all the necessary equipment, and they have the expertise to protect your building’s structures while working on your walls. When your painters arrive, they will start by pressure washing your home to blast away any remaining dirt, since this could stop the paint from sticking to the walls.

Then, they will mask the surfaces that won’t be painted, such as gutters or window frames, to prevent paint from getting on them. Any loose paint chips or peeling paint on your home will be scraped off, and damaged caulk will be fixed. Good painters always make sure the walls are smooth and in good condition before painting starts because the job will look more professional that way, and it’s likely to last longer.

Interior Painting

If you hire experienced contractors who use high-quality materials, an exterior paint job can last for six to ten years, especially if you live in an area with low pollution. However, the interior of your property might need to be painted more frequently. Damage like stains, small cracks, and flaking paint is almost unavoidable, no matter how well you take care of your home.

An interior paint job is a bit more invasive because the painters will spend a lot of time inside your home. For this reason, you’ll need to think carefully about the timing and about how you’ll organize yourself and your family while your rooms are being worked on. Good painters will help you to keep your furniture and floor paint-free, and they will move large objects to the middle of the room for you.

Timing an Indoor Painting Project

Most Central Florida homes have good HVAC systems, so the time of year doesn’t matter so much for indoor house painting. In fact, you might want to schedule your paint job during the painters’ quiet months, since it will be easier for them to fit you in, and you might even receive a discount if you book during the off-peak months.

Since painting the interior of your home is more disruptive, you’ll need to take your individual situation and your schedule into consideration. Can you take some time off to be around when the painters work on your home? And how will you rearrange your life while your home is being worked on? Remember, the average interior paint job takes about three to five days, and you might need to vacate your rooms for a part of this time.

Clearing Everything Away 

The preparation process is the most important because it protects your home and ensures a smooth, clean finish. You can help your painters by moving pieces of furniture to the middle of the room and covering them with cloth, newspapers, or other suitable materials.

If the furniture is too heavy for you to carry or you’re worried that you will cause damage to your home when moving your items, wait until the painters have arrived because they can help you with this task. In the meantime, you can take all your pictures, posters, and decorations off the walls and store them in a secure place.

How Will Your Painting Contractor Prepare Your Home? 

Before starting to paint, your contractors will make sure that your walls are completely clear and that all your furniture is properly protected. They will also place plastic, drop cloths, or tarp on the floors while they’re working. If there are any cracks, blemishes, or holes in your walls, your painters will fix them to make sure your wall is once again smooth. Some areas of your wall might need to be sanded down.

Why Do I Need to Paint My Home Regularly? 

It’s easy to let home maintenance slide, especially during challenging economic times, when you’re trying to save as much money as possible. But having your home painted is an important task that needs to be completed regularly. Not only does a fresh coat of paint upgrade the space and improve your mood, but it also keeps your property protected.

When you let the exterior paint flake and peel off, you’re exposing your home to accelerated wear and tear. This is especially the case if your property is made out of wood, which can rot. However, other materials might also be affected, particularly if they are exposed to direct sunlight. In the long run, applying a new coat of paint is much cheaper than having to replace a part of your home’s siding.

How Can I Find Excellent Painters? 

The easiest way to find great painters in your area is to look online. The website can tell you a lot about the skill level, specializations, and previous projects of a painting company. Here at Custom Care by Caleb, we have over 30 years of combined experience, and we regularly get five-star reviews from our customers. Because we focus on the preparation phase, our work is clean and precise.

Good interior or exterior painters will help you get your home ready for the job, so you don’t have to worry about pressure washing or moving heavy furniture around. However, it’s important to get involved in the planning phase. Always choose an appropriate time, so your paint dries well, and think about how you can maintain your routine while the house painting job is ongoing. Call us at Custom Care by Caleb to book a painting contractor in Central Florida.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Paint the Outside of Your House?

Most exterior painters agree that a house needs to be repainted every five to ten years to look its best. If you haven’t had your home re-done in some time, it might be time to hire a painting contractor. In Central Florida, you should always aim to get the job done in winter, spring, or autumn because the air is less humid and there is less chance of rain. In summer, you might not get excellent results, and your house painter will have to work in extremely hot conditions.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Paint the Outside of Your House?

The time of year you choose to paint the outside of your home can affect the quality of the work. If you hire your contractors in winter, spring, or fall, it’s likely that you’ll have a great experience. However, your paint might not dry properly if you attempt this job during the hot and humid summer months. This is because the paint has a tendency to bubble if moisture is trapped underneath it.


If you can, you should try to paint your home in the winter months. November to February are the best months since the temperatures are cooler, the sun is shining, there is less chance of rain, and the air is not so humid.

Although this season is ideal, you should still look at the weather forecast before booking a slot with your painters. For the paint to dry correctly, the temperatures should be in the 50s at least. You should also keep in mind that everybody else will want to paint in winter, so finding good contractors could be hard. Sometimes, booking your slot close to Christmas can be a good idea because most people won’t be looking for a painter at that time.

Spring and Fall

If it’s summer and you can’t wait for several months, you should aim to book your paint job in mid to late fall. This is still a good time because temperatures and humidity levels are already lower. However, you should watch out for hurricanes, which can sometimes occur in the fall.

If winter’s just passed and you’re eager to get your house repainted, you should book a contractor as soon as possible. The earlier in spring you can get the job done, the better. Humidity will be low enough, and the temperatures should be suitable, so the paint will dry quickly. Because “peak painting season” will be over, you might have a better chance of finding a suitable time.


Try not to paint the exterior of your house in summer. This is not a good time because the air is very humid, so moisture might get trapped behind the paint, which leads to bubbles that make your paint job look unprofessional. What’s more, the temperatures might just be too high to paint at all, and there might be frequent downpours. If you have no choice but to paint in summer, you should hire excellent contractors who will be able to create a smooth finish despite the high humidity.

Should You Hire a Painting Contractor or DIY?

At the moment, many Central Florida residents are trying to save money due to the spiraling cost of living. If you’re worried about the expense of hiring a contractor, you might wonder whether you could paint your house yourself. Usually, this isn’t a good idea because you might not know how to select the best paint and protect your home from damage unless you’re an experienced painter.

A professional paint job might last you for a decade, so it’s much cheaper and less of a hassle than having to do the work three or four times on your own during that time. Additionally, you’re likely to take longer, which increases the risk of adverse weather conditions and makes the process more of a pain. Because painting can be risky, it might not be safe for you to do the job on your own.

Help with Selecting Paint

Selecting the right paint is crucial to success. While you might think you save money when you use cheap paint, the opposite is often true. If you choose a type of paint that doesn’t go well with the material underneath, your results might not be as expected, and you might have to ask the house painter to re-do the surface within a year or two.

Good exterior painters will be more than happy to recommend great paint brands, and they will also bring all the tools required to paint your home’s exterior. These might include paint rollers, extension poles, masking tape, brushes, step ladders, and dust sheets.

Proper Preparations

One of the most important advantages of hiring a good painter is that they will be able to properly prepare your home for the job. This is crucial because it reduces the risk of an accident, and it increases the chance of a long-lasting, clean finish. Your painters might spend some time cleaning the surface they will be working on. Then, they will remove any flaking or peeling paint, either with a wire brush or a pressure washer.

Cracks will also have to be repaired, and climbing plants will have to be moved out of the way. Once the wall has been cleaned, it has to dry before the painting can begin.

Safety Considerations

People who are not used to painting large surfaces might not be able to do so safely. Because you have to step on ladders and move heavy objects around, doing the job yourself could put your health and safety at risk. In contrast, professional painters are used to doing this kind of work, and they have learned how to do so safely. They also have insurance, so they are covered should anything happen. This might not be the case if you paint your home yourself.

Keeping Your Home’s Features Paint-Free

When painting, an important task is making sure the other features, such as the windows, window frames, doors, and doorframes, are kept free of paint. Expert contractors will know what type of masking tape is best for your surfaces, and they will apply it to make sure the paint job is as accurate as possible.

Time Considerations

Most people have full-time jobs and various commitments for friends, children, and hobbies. They might not be able to spend many hours or days at a time painting their house. This means that the job will be unfinished for weeks, which increases the chance of rain or damage due to humidity. What’s more, having an unfinished exterior can be a pain because you’ll have to either keep all your tools out or bring them in and out constantly.

Contractors are much more efficient, and they can get the same job done more quickly than you could. They can paint the entire exterior of a three to four-bedroom house in three or four days. If your home is very large, they might need five or six days. Most casual DIYers would take at least two weeks to do the same work.

How Much Does a House Painter Cost?

The cost of a painting contractor depends on several factors. Experienced individuals will be more expensive than people who haven’t had any training or haven’t been painting for a long time. However, paying extra could be worth it because a more seasoned painter will know how to prepare your home and prevent any issues.

Another factor to consider is how large and intricate your home is. Small properties might only cost $4,000, but a larger house could cost you up to $10,000. Painters usually quote their price in square feet, so they might tell you that your paint job will cost between $2-5 per square foot. You should keep in mind that the paint you select and the timing of your order affect the price.

How to Find the Best Exterior Painters in Central Florida

If you’re looking for a good house painter, you should first check the websites of local candidates. Always select someone with a lot of experience, since they will be able to help you choose the best materials and prevent bubbles and messy paint stains. What’s more, you should make sure that your painters are licensed and insured, so you won’t have any problems.

Insurance is valuable because it protects your asset. If the painter inadvertently makes a mistake and damages a part of your property, their insurance company will pay for the repairs, and you don’t have to worry about getting compensated. Once you’ve found a good provider, you should get in touch with them, either by giving them a call or sending them a message online.

If you want to paint the outside of your house in Central Florida and looking for Orlando house painting options, you should consider hiring a painting contractor in winter or, if that isn’t possible, in spring or autumn. The exterior of your building will look better when the humidity is low, the temperature is moderate, and there is little chance of rain. Call us today at Custom Care by Caleb to book our exterior painters.

How Often Should You Paint Your House?

Painting your home is an extremely time-consuming, inconvenient process. However, your home is probably the greatest asset you own. If you plan on refinancing or selling your home to take advantage of this asset, a freshly painted home can seriously increase the appraisal value of your home. Today, we’re answering some of the most frequently asked Orlando house painting questions, including what you should look for in a central Florida painting contractor.

House Painting FAQs Answered: How Often Should You Paint Your House?

As a general rule of thumb, homes need to be painted every seven to 10 years. However, numerous factors affect how often the exterior of your home will need to be repainted by a painting contractor in central Florida. For example, homes in Florida need to be painted more often than homes further from the equator because the intense sun’s rays degrade the paint faster.

What Are the Most Common Signs That It’s Time for a Home to Be Painted?

Since so many factors, including the material comprising the exterior of your home, affect how often it needs to be repainted, you shouldn’t just use time as a gauge for whether the exterior of your home needs to be repainted. Here are some signs you can see that will tell you it is time for a new coat of paint on your home:

  • Damaged stucco
  • Damaged wood
  • Bubbling, peeling, or cracked paint
  • Cracked caulking
  • Moisture stains
  • Mold
  • Fading colors
  • A change in taste

Damaged Paint

If you notice the paint on the exterior of your home peeling, cracking, or bubbling, you need to have your home repainted professionally as soon as possible. Damaged paint is much more than a mere cosmetic problem. It is a strong indicator that your home is no longer adequately protected from the elements.

When paint no longer covers the wood on the exterior of your home, the wood is exposed to rain. When the wood gets wet, mold and mildew can occur, posing a potential threat to your health. Also, wood that gets wet is at significant risk of rotting. As soon as you notice damage to exterior paint, especially if you live in the heart of Florida, you need to contact a professional contractor to repaint the exterior of your home.

Cracked Caulking

Keeping your home cool in the hot Florida weather can be a challenge. Unfortunately, regardless of how much insulation you pack into your attic, it will be extremely difficult to keep your home cool if you have cracked caulking around your windows or doors. It doesn’t matter how powerful your HVAC system is if the refreshingly cold air is leaking out of your home.

If you notice cracks in your caulking, you may be tempted to buy a caulk gun and fill in the cracks with fresh caulk. However, if the caulk cracks are large, the best idea is to have a professional recaulk the exterior of your home. Then, you should have a painting contractor repaint the exterior of your home for a much-needed extra layer of protection that will keep your caulk functioning for a lot longer.

Moisture Stains and Mold

In some cases, mold and moisture stains can be removed with a little elbow grease or pressure washing. In other cases, water damage is so deep that not even pressure washing can remove it. In such cases, the damage needs to be painted over. However, you should be aware that the material may need to be replaced depending on the extent of the damage.

Fading Colors

Regardless of whether you are looking for an appraisal on your home to be as high as possible, you should strongly consider getting the exterior of your home painted if the paint is starting to fade. One compelling reason to schedule a house painting when the paint starts to fade is that the home no longer looks as good as it once did.

There are compelling reasons to get your home painted in the case of fading paint besides cosmetics, though. Paint doesn’t just make your home attractive. it also protects your home from the elements. When the paint covering the exterior of your home starts to fade, your paint is telling you that it can no longer protect your home as effectively as it once could.

A Change in Taste

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the paint covering the outside of your home, but the color no longer appeals to you. If you experience a change in taste, you don’t need to wait until the paint starts to fade or peel. You can absolutely have the exterior of your home repainted a year or two after it was last painted if you feel your home would look better in a different color.

How Often Should the Inside of My Home Be Painted?

As a general rule of thumb, you should repaint the inside of your home every three to five years. However, if you have a number of pets that shed a lot, you may need to have your interior walls repainted more often. If you have a room in your home that pets or kids don’t spend a lot of time in, like the dining room or guest bedroom, you may be able to go closer to five to seven years without painting the room again.

What Rooms Need to Be Repainted the Most Often?

Generally, children’s bedrooms need to be repainted the most often. It is not uncommon for parents to paint their kids’ rooms pink or blue. However, children often decide that they want their bedroom a different color. Even if your kid picks out the color of their room, there is a good chance that their taste will change over time. Even if they love the color of their bedroom, the walls will likely be dinged and scuffed.

Hallways also need to be repainted often. You should not be surprised if your hallways need to be repainted every two to three years to remain fresh and beautiful. This is because hallways, especially those leading to the kitchen, are such small, high-traffic areas that they are very prone to dings and scuffs.

How Often Should I Repaint My Kitchen?

Like kids’ bedrooms and hallways, you should not be surprised if your kitchen needs to be repainted frequently. The heat from your oven and stove can damage the walls of your kitchen over time. The paint on your walls may start to fade, and it can start to peel if neglected for too long.

Generally, kitchens need to be repainted every three to four years. If you think your kitchen walls are starting to look duller and flatter than they used to, consider refreshing the space with warm colors. Also, keep in mind that if you opt for a semi-gloss or satin finish, your kitchen paint will look a lot better irrespective of the color you choose.

How Often Should I Repaint My Bathroom?

Like your kitchen, the paint in your bathroom is exposed to a lot of heat and steam. You should expect your bathroom to need a fresh coat of paint more often than other rooms, like guest bedrooms. Generally, bathrooms should be repainted every three years. However, guest bathrooms may only need to be repainted every four or five years depending on use.

If you currently have peeling wallpaper in your bathroom and have no idea what color to paint your bathroom, consider a neutral color. Grays and warm off-whites match just about any decor.

What Should I Look for in a Central Florida Painting Contractor?

When selecting a local contractor to take care of your exterior house painting for you, there are a number of factors you should consider. For instance, you should go with a contractor that can provide you with glowing reviews from previous clients. It is also important that you find a contractor that will give you a detailed estimate.

What Should I Ask a Potential Contractor?

Once you find a contractor that fits your budget Android has stellar online reviews, you need to make sure they are a good fit for you. One of the most important questions to ask a potential contractor is are you bonded and insured. You also need to make sure they are licensed. Furthermore, you should ask questions to determine:

  • How much experience they have
  • What products they use
  • What warranties or guarantees they offer
  • Whether they use subcontractors
  • Whether they are a member of a professional assoication

Due to the intense sunlight the middle of Florida gets, you should have the exterior of your home painted every seven to 10 years. When looking for a contractor to paint your home, there are a number of things you should look for, including glowing reviews from past customers. If it’s been a while since the exterior of your home has been painted, contact Custom Care by Caleb now to get a quote.

13 Tips for Selecting the Right Colors for Your Home’s Interior

The right interior painting colors and styles will tie everything in your central Florida home together. But with thousands of choices out there, finding that perfect match may require some trial and error. Here’s how we get the perfect shade every time.

13 Tips for Selecting the Right Color for Your Home’s Interior

1.  Get Inspired From Design References

Don’t start the paint search without an idea of what you like. It’s a mistake to navigate through the thousands of paint samples at the store when you don’t have a direction. If you’re starting from scratch, get some inspiration to guide you before you select paint colors. Flip through magazines, refer to interior design websites, and visit Pinterest for inspiration about interior painting color palettes and design styles.

2. Choose Paint That Goes With Existing Decor and Furniture

You may already have an existing space to work with that you’re looking to update. Instead of choosing your paint color first and deciding how you will decorate the room, first decide what you will keep from your space and what furniture and decor you will replace. Once you have all of your main items, you can use the colors from these pieces to decide on your paint. It’s much easier to match paint to your furniture than the other way around.

3. Narrow Down Your Color Scheme to Create a Palette

Visiting the paint store can be disheartening if you don’t know what colors you want. With all of the options to choose from, how will you pick the colors you’ll use in your home? To save time and pick the right colors from the start, narrow down your color scheme before you even get to the paint store. You’ll already have the colors from your furniture and decor to match, which will make things easier.

From these pieces, pick your top few favorite colors that you’d like to build your entire home around, and then choose a paint color palette of 5-10 colors. Make sure you understand if your home has a warm or a cool color palette so you can match your paint accordingly.

4. Take Some Swatches Home 

The way the paint looks in the store may look different within your home. That’s why you should always take some swatches of paint home with you. You can hold up swatches to your furniture and decor to get an exact color match and determine which shades are the most complementary to your space.

5. Notice How Colors Change Central Florida Lighting

See if your store has large tester swatches that you can hang on your walls or paint samples you can use to envision the final look. Then hang swatches throughout the rooms of your central Florida home and leave them there for a few days. When you’re walking around your house during the day and turning on the lights in the evening, take a look at how the colors change in different lighting.


Certain areas of your home may be more exposed to brighter, warmer sunlight during the day and will need to balance the warmth with a cooler undertone. Rooms that face north typically have cooler natural lighting, so the opposite logic would apply.

6. Pay Attention to Interior Painting Finish

Both the color of the paint you choose and the finish will affect how it looks when it’s dry. Consider the different kinds of finishes for the look you want to achieve. A satin finish is a matte look that hides wear and is best for the areas of your home that get a lot of traffic. Semi-gloss and glossy paint are ideal for trim because their shiny look draws the eye and reveals any imperfection.

More formal rooms of your house or more private spaces like the master bedroom can be a good choice to use glossier finishes. Contrasting different finishes throughout the rooms of your house creates will add more interest.

7. Consider Colors That Fit Your Needs

Take a second to step away from the colors you love to make sure that there is an overlap with what you need in the space. Although you may want a bright, glossy sheen to transform your room, it may not be the best idea if you have young ones running around with markers. Certain colors and finishes are particularly adept at hiding scuffs and wear.

If your style changes with the seasons, that bright yellow that seems friendly and inviting now may bore you in a few months’ time. Using a neutral color instead and changing up wall art and accent pieces will give you artistic freedom without the added work. Speaking of neutral colors, if you’re thinking of selling your central Florida property soon, it’s best to go with universally appealing colors so you don’t drive away any buyers.

9. Establish Your Mood for the Space

It’s no secret that certain colors affect the way we think and feel. Use color psychology when you’re deciding on paint colors so you can create the mood you want for each space. Softer colors like blues create a relaxed environment, light shades open up rooms for an airy feel, and warmer, richer colors like dark green match the vibe of a study or library.


10. Use Similar Shades to Create Depth

With thousands of available paint shades, your chosen color will always have at least one or two near-identical matches. You can use these hues to add subtle changes to your walls that will change your entire perception of the room. For instance, say your dining room has a low ceiling that you wish wasn’t as noticeable.


By painting the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color, you’ll break up the edges of the walls and the ceiling to make the room seem taller. Using a lighter shade rather than the same shade will make the room feel bright and open rather than boxy.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Two Paint Colors in One Room

If you’re looking for something a little bolder than different shades of the same color, you may want to consider mixing two paint colors in one room. One of the most common ways to mix different shades is by designating an accent wall that’s painted with one of the bright accent colors within your palette.
For the boldest statement on your wall, add another pattern to your room with wallpaper or by asking an interior painting Orlando team to add a design. On the other hand, you can still mix paint colors in one room if you have used a few accent colors and statement pieces. In this case, use a few neutral colors instead.

11. Balance the Intensity of Colors

Even a small piece of furniture or a few decorative pillows can be statement pieces in the room. Often, these pieces will have the brightest colors and most unusual textures. Let these elements of a room shine with the appropriate paint color. This doesn’t mean you have to shy away from color, but you do need to understand the difference between strong and muted colors.


Strong colors are the bold, intense hues that immediately catch your eye: emerald green, cobalt blue, firetruck red, and bright yellow. Meanwhile, their softer counterparts complement them without competing for your attention. If you’d like your interior painting job to bring out the striking blue shades in a rug, go for a toned-down version of the color.

12. Remember That True White Is Rarely the Best Choice

Most of us think of white when we think of neutral paint colors, but choosing true white for the walls in your central Florida home is rarely the best option. Interior design philosophy often applies the principle that 60% of the color in a room should come from the walls. A plain white wall often will make it seem like something is missing, even with the right decor and furniture. A light cream or a soft tan will give your room enough color to make the space feel complete.

13. Sleep on It

Last but not least, give yourself a bit of time. Leave up the samples on your walls for a few days (they should be at least a few feet tall and wide) and notice how you feel about it. Your favorite initial swatch may become the shade that you never want to look at again after a few days. If you’re trying to decide between a few similar shades, you may want to put swatches in a few areas around the room so you can see which color interacts best with everything.

Choosing the right color is only the first step of a great paint job. Now it’s time to call in the experts in central Florida. A team of interior painting contractors will bring in high-quality products, refined tools, and a thorough work ethic to give you a paint job that will last. Your accent and patterned wall ideas can add well-executed appeal to your home. Contact us at Custom Care by Caleb to get a quote.

9 Things to Look for When Hiring Exterior Painters

If you need to have your Central Florida home or business painted, the first step might be to ask your contacts for a referral or to Google “exterior painters near me” or “house painters orlando . Since there are various painters in the area, you’ll have to decide who can meet your needs the best. Fortunately, it’s almost always possible to tell whether a contractor will provide a good service before you hire them.

To avoid disappointment, always choose someone who has worked in the industry for several years. You can also look at the customer reviews on Google and HomeAdvisor and, if the project is large, you can contact previous customers and ask them about the service provided. Additionally, you should look for someone who is licensed, is willing to meet with you and inspect your property, provides a clear budget, and is good at communicating.

9 Things to Look for When Hiring Exterior Painters in Central Florida

1. Longstanding Experience 

While hiring a new painter could be a good choice because they can provide you with fresh, up-to-date perspective, they might not have the necessary experience to do a good job, especially if your project is complicated. For this reason, you should always choose a company that employs some more experienced team members as well as freshly qualified painters.

For example, our staff at Custom Care by Caleb have over 30 years of experience combined, and we have worked on countless projects during that time. No matter what material and structure needs to be painted, it’s likely that we have completed a similar job before. While our more recently qualified staff can provide innovation, the experienced employees can make sure the project is realistic and will be completed to a high quality standard.

2. Great Customer Reviews When You Google “Exterior Painters Near Me”

You can find reviews for painting companies on a wide variety of platforms such as Google or HomeAdvisor. These can be very informative and show you what previous customers thought of a company’s service. If a painter has a high number of five-star reviews and customers mention positive qualities such as punctuality, fair pricing, and a great service, it’s likely that you will have a good experience when working with the employees. 

While text-based reviews are important, you should also try to find some that provide pictures. Seeing the “before and after” photos can help you determine whether you like the painters’ style. Sometimes, these kinds of pictures can be found directly on the painting company’s website, but at other times, you will have to scroll through the Google reviews to find them.

3. All the Licensing and Insurance in Place 

There are many reasons why it’s important to hire licensed contractors who have the proper insurance in place. Most importantly, this can protect your family’s financial security because you won’t be liable if one of the employees gets injured while working on your project or a painter makes a mistake that damages a part of your property. The liability insurance will cover the cost, and you won’t have to pay for the medical bills, loss of income, and repairs.

Another major benefit of hiring a licensed professional is that there is quality control. There is no guarantee that an unlicensed painter has completed the relevant professional education, so the quality of their work might be inferior. In contrast, someone with a license has been trained to meet all the local and national requirements, and they can therefore provide a superior service.

4. A Willingness to Meet with You

Most painting projects are large, and it’s likely that you will have to pay your contractor several thousands of dollars if you want the entire outside of your home to be repainted. To make sure the painter fully understands the structure of your property, they should come to your house before beginning the job. That way, they can check that your surfaces are ready and make sure that the chosen paint fits the materials of the home. 

If a contractor isn’t willing to visit your home prior to the start date of the project, it’s likely that they don’t take their work very seriously. In this case, you might want to choose someone else who will be more accommodating.

5. A Clear Budget 

The average 2,500-square-foot home will cost you $6,000 to $9,000 to paint. The exact price depends on the current cost of labor, the cost of the materials, and the complexity of the job. If the walls are all easily accessible, it will cost you less than if there are hidden or hard-to-access portions. After your contractors have visited your home and assessed its size and structure, they should be able to give you an accurate quote.

This must include both the direct costs, such as the paint, labor, and gas, and the indirect costs, which include the company’s overhead like their support staff and leasing costs. Before you sign anything, read through the quote carefully to make sure you are not being overcharged and to determine whether there are any additional fees should the contractors fail to complete the project on time. In most cases, there shouldn’t be a charge for overtime.

6. Great Communication 

When Googling “exterior painters near me” and researching companies, watch out for clues related to a painter’s communication style. You should always choose someone who gets back to you quickly, since this will make the work much easier. A great contractor should be able to communicate effectively with their customers, suppliers, and team members, and they should be good at coordinating various jobs. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell whether a company is effective at communicating. Scan the reviews for words such as “responsive”, “professional”, and “courteous” to find out what previous customers are saying about the employees’ communication style. You should also pay attention to how the company responds to your initial message or call. If they get back to you quickly and are friendly on the phone, you’re likely to have a good experience.

7. Good Planning Skills  

If you’ve hired a Central Florida painter with a lot of experience, you can ask them to help you plan the project, not just execute it. They can tell you what kind of paint you should use, which areas need to be painted, and how you can get the job done with a minimal amount of hassle. Your painters might also be able to give you advice about the best time of year for the job, so you can plan it around the weather and your seasonal schedule. 

However, your contractors shouldn’t be trying to control the entire project or overrule your directions. Instead, they should guide and assist you without pushing you into anything you don’t want. Let your painters know what you are planning during the initial consultation phase and observe how they react to your plans. If they are happy to consider your opinions and viewpoint, there is a good chance that they will be easy to work with.

8. Everything in Writing 

Some contractors are eager to work on a project, but they can’t deliver on their promises. This results in low-quality work and lengthy delays. To minimize the chance of a bad experience, you should always ask your painters to put their offers, quotes, and details about the job in writing. That way, you have proof of the type of work they promised and the timeline of the project. This can be very helpful should there be an issue with the quality. 

9. References from Previous Customers and Other Trusted Sources 

References aren’t always necessary for regular projects, but if you’re hoping to get a large building painted or you want to go the extra mile for peace of mind, you can ask your contractors to provide the contact details of their previous clients. Then, you can give these people a call and ask them about their experience working with the painting company.

Some of the questions you should ask include: Was the job completed on time? Did the painters stay within the specified budget? Was everyone professional and courteous? What is the quality of the work like? You could also ask whether the customer would hire the painters again for future projects.

Take the Next Step

Googling “exterior painters near me” is only the first step, and you shouldn’t necessarily choose the first contractor on the list. Instead, you need to examine what each company has to offer and then determine which one is the most suitable for your job. Start by eliminating anyone who isn’t licensed and doesn’t have any experience painting properties in Central Florida. They are unlikely to provide you with the best service possible. 

Next, you can find out more about the remaining companies by checking out their reviews, asking them for a quote, inviting them to view your property, and discussing your plans with them. If necessary, you can also get references from previous customers. Send us a message now at Custom Care by Caleb to find out more about our services and to get an estimate. We will be delighted to learn more about your project.

How Long Does It Take to Paint the Inside of a House?

Painting a home is a great way of increasing its value and appeal. When Googling “interior painters near me” in Central Florida, it’s important to keep certain criteria in mind before choose, including what type of service is offered, whether the professionals have longstanding experience, and what the reviews say about the company. Another important consideration is how quickly the project can be completed.

Although the size of your home matters, other factors affect the time it takes to paint every room. Some particularly important considerations are the current state of your walls, the amount of furniture in each room, and the kinds of structures that need to be painted. Read on to find out more about the expected duration of your project.

How Long Does It Take to Paint the Inside of a House?

It’s hard to say exactly how long it takes to paint the inside of a home because every place is different. One of the most important factors to consider is the size of the property. While it might only take one to two days to paint a small one or two-bedroom house, a larger home could take up to five days. But while size makes a difference, it isn’t the only important aspect.

The duration of your paint job also depends on the amount of furniture that needs to be moved, the repairs your walls require, and the types of structures that need to be painted. Additionally, a professional paint job will take longer because the contractors will take precautions and produce quality work. You can lower the time the work takes by hiring several painters at once instead of relying on one person to do the work.

The Quality of the Painters

Although you might want to get your paint job done as quickly as possible, choosing the fastest painters isn’t necessarily the best. High-quality professionals sometimes take longer because they go through all the steps, including moving your furniture out of the way and covering everything with protective sheets or cardboard. They will also take care to fill in any holes and repair cracks in your walls before getting started.

In contrast, workers with little experience and no qualification might start painting right away instead of completing these preliminary steps. While this gets your project done more quickly, it causes many long-term problems, including uneven surfaces, a rough and unprofessional appearance, and work that doesn’t last long. For example, walls that were cracked are likely to do so again after a short time if they were simply painted over instead of being fixed.

The Number of Painters  

Sometimes, spending the time required for a professional paint job is simply not an option. For example, you might be looking to put your home on the market in the next days, or you may have to move into your new house as soon as possible. While completing necessary repairs is a great way to increase a property’s value and make it more pleasant to live in, it can delay the process. Fortunately, there is a better solution than hiring low-quality painters.

A great way of speeding up the time it takes to paint a house is to google “interior painters near me in Central Florida” and choose someone who employs several painters. A task that might take one person three days can be completed by three people in one day. To make sure you get several contractors sent to your house, you can mention that this is a rush job during the initial booking process.

Moving and Covering Furniture 

Without proper preparation, your paint job won’t look as good, and it might not last for a long time. Therefore, professional painters always spend some time getting your rooms ready to be painted. The first step is to move all the furniture from the edges to the middle of the room and cover it, so it doesn’t get damaged. Decorative items like paintings, mirrors, and area rugs also need to be moved.

It goes without saying that the process will take longer the more items you have. To speed things up, you could begin putting away the light objects, such as the wall hangings, before your contractors arrive. Once the walls are free, the painters will take care to cover anything that shouldn’t get paint on it with plastic, drop cloths, or tarps. They might also use tape to section off areas that won’t be painted.

Necessary Repair and Preparation Work

If you’ve never had a paint job done in your place, you might not realize that painting over your walls in their current state could be a bad idea. By failing to sand down your walls, you could risk issues such as cracks and uneven surfaces. For this reason, professional painters like those working at Custom Care by Caleb will always examine your walls and complete necessary repairs before getting started.

First, we will repair any big issues such as holes, crevices, and cracks. Then, we will repair the drywall where it is dented. Finally, patched areas will be sanded down, which allows the paint job to look smooth and professional.

Painting the Rooms and Structures 

Once your walls and structures are bare, they are ready to be painted. Depending on the layout of your home, this could take a few hours or a few days. For example, people with elaborate banisters and windowsills should expect their paint job to take a lot longer than those who simply need some walls repainted.

Once we’re done, we will take care to clean up everything so your home is left in a good state. We will sweep up debris, vacuum your floors, put back any pictures and wall hangings, and uncover and replace your furniture. That way, the entire paint job is hands-off, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your contractors.

What to Look for when Googling “Interior Painters Near Me” in Central Florida 

There are countless painters available in your local area, but you should choose someone who offers a comprehensive service and has longstanding experience to get the best results possible. Before hiring them, you can find out more by checking the reviews on platforms such as Google and Home Advisor. You should also make sure that your chosen contractors have the relevant insurance in place, so you don’t run into any issues later on.

A Comprehensive Service 

As mentioned, some contractors simply come to your house and begin painting straight away, but this isn’t usually a good idea. Instead, you should look for someone who offers a comprehensive service, which includes moving and covering up your personal items, repairing your walls, painting them, and cleaning up. This will significantly increase the longevity of the paint job, and it also allows you to enjoy an entirely hands-off experience.

Longstanding Experience 

While new painters can be good, they should always work under supervision. Therefore, you will have to make sure that at least one person in your painting team has a lot of experience. Here at Custom Care by Caleb, we have a combined experience of 30 years, so you can be sure that we know what we’re doing. What’s more, we are a fully licensed contractor, so we comply with the local regulations.


No matter how good your painters are, mistakes can happen. In rare cases, people could even get injured while the work is taking place. Therefore, hiring someone who is properly insured is key. That way, you don’t have to worry about property damage or other issues because you’ll know that your contractor is protected, and the insurance will pay out in case a mistake happens.

Good Reviews 

If a painter’s previous customers had a great experience with them, it’s likely that you will, too. Therefore, you should always check out the reviews before making a decision. You can usually find some testimonials on a painting company’s website or on independent websites such as Home Advisor or Google. Look out for words such as “efficient”, “friendly”, and “professional”, which indicate that other customers were highly satisfied with the work completed. Sometimes, homeowners also upload “before and after” pictures, which give you a better idea of what you can expect.

When searching for “interior painters near me” in Central Florida, you’ll discover that there are countless options. But not every painter is a professional, and you should make sure the people you hire have many years of experience, offer a comprehensive service, and have a good reputation in their local community. A high-quality painter should be able to give you an accurate quote and let you know how long your paint job will take before getting started.

Depending on the size of your home, the furniture you have, the state of your walls and kitchen cabinets, and the structures that need to be painted, your job might be completed in a day, or it could take up to a week. If you’re in a rush, you should speak to your contractors, since they could send you several painters instead of just one to speed up the process. Call us now at Custom Care by Caleb to make a booking.