How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House?

Are you in Central Florida and wondering how much does it cost to paint a house? If so, our team of exterior painters is here to give you some insight. At Custom Care By Caleb, LLC, we offer exterior and interior painting services. We are dedicated to providing excellent results and helping our clients know what to expect from the process.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint a House?

“How much does it cost to paint a house?” is a very common question. The answer depends on several factors. Our team of exterior painters would need to know how large the house is and any other project details applicable to our job. In the Central Florida area, you could expect to pay somewhere between two to five dollars per square foot. That said, there are several variables that can affect how much your project will cost:

House Texture

Some house textures really tend to soak in paint, which means more paint and more time is spent getting these houses finished. Whether your home’s finish is smooth, rough, scratch coat, or synthetic, all of these factors can affect how much the project costs you.

House Condition

Is your home in like-new condition, or does it need a little TLC? Some houses may need a bit of work before it’s possible to paint them. Our team can help you evaluate your home’s condition to see whether it’s possible to paint right away, or if something else has to be done beforehand.

Single Story or Two-Story

It may cost a bit more to paint two-story homes in comparison to single-story homes. Two-story homes tend to require more effort and more paint to complete.


If you take a look around the areas you want to be painted, do they seem accessible? Things like bushes, rails, AC units, shutters, and pipes all take more time to work around. The simpler the surface area is, the faster and cheaper the paint job tends to be. If your house has a very complex structure, possibly with uneven footing or requiring the use of specialized tools, it may take longer to complete the job.

In the end, it can be hard to try to determine what your costs might be on your own. Rather than stressing over the details, why not drop us a line? You can request a quote, and we’ll be able to give you a more personalized answer on what you can expect.

Why Hire Professionals?

Prep Work Equates Success

It’s one thing to slap on a coat of paint and call it a day, but if you really want a paint job that looks good for the long haul, our team of professionals has the experience to help with that. We recognize that it’s crucial to do the right prep work for each and every project we take on. That’s why we pride ourselves on dedicating the proper time to each project’s needs.

Professional Appearance

We pride ourselves on providing beautiful, quality work. Professional tools and skill can help your home look its best for you, or for potential buyers.

Quality work tends to pay off in the end. If you compromise on the quality of your paint job, you could end up having to fix mistakes down the road or deal with an exterior that looks rushed or sloppy. Getting it done right the first time can save you unneeded hassle and stress down the road.

Increase Home Value

There’s nothing quite like the look of a freshly painted home. That’s probably one reason why both exterior and interior painting tend to offer an excellent return-on-investment rate. It helps your house look well kept and more appealing, which can increase its value.

Protect Your Investment

A house is often one of the most significant financial investments the average person can make. The right paint job not only will make your house look great, but it can offer protection from the elements. Properly sealing the exterior of your home will help prevent dreaded water damage. Water damage can threaten the integrity of your house, and fixing it can end up being more expensive than getting the house painted.

A fresh coat of paint can also protect your house from UV damage, bugs, mold, and overall humidity levels. That makes a good paint job a pretty solid investment.

Save Money Over the Long Run

Getting your house painted is far from a waste of money. Whether your home has wood or vinyl siding, age can take its toll. A new coat of well-applied paint can help protect your home against deterioration, boosting its durability for many years to come.

Getting your house painted tends to be much less pricey than replacing all your siding, and can even be used to cover up blemishes and damage that have already occurred. Not only that, but if deterioration is already underway, the right paint job can help put a stop to that process.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Besides quality results, one of the best benefits a professional painting company has to offer is the fact that they’re insured. As a fully licensed contractor, our insurance lets you rest easy knowing any Jobsite accidents will be covered.

30+ Years of Combined Experience

When it comes to residential painting, our team has the experience to tackle a wide range of projects. Altogether, we have over 30 years of combined experience, coupled with a passion and diligence for quality results.

While our results speak for themselves, we want our outstanding service to shine too. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing friendly and respectful service throughout every step of the process.

Create the House of Your Dreams

There are a lot of good reasons to paint your house, like wanting to protect it from rain and make it look good for the market. That said, sometimes the best reason to paint your house is to make it feel more like home. We can help bring your vision to life so that every time you pull into the driveway it puts a smile on your face.

What Are the Steps of Exterior Painting?

Pressure Wash

Professional exterior painting is more than just slapping on a coat of paint and calling it a day. The right preparatory work can make a world of difference, which is why we start the process off with a pressure wash. This will blast away grime and dirt that’s accumulated on the surface of your house over time.

Since dirt and grime can stop paint from properly sticking to a surface, this first step gets your home ready for quality results. This step can last for several hours, depending on your home’s surface area.


We want to make sure your new coat of paint looks seamless from top to bottom. Trenching involves pulling back loose soil and rocks to make sure we can apply paint below the grade, so there won’t be any visual reminders of your house’s old coat.


The last thing you want to happen is to find paint splatter on your window screens or gutters. We don’t want that either, so unpainted surfaces are masked to keep them safe.

Scraping and Caulking

Pressure washing helps get rid of dirt and debris, but there are oftentimes bits of loose paint chips throughout a home’s exterior. We’ll scape off any peeling paint to ensure a smooth finish that sticks well to your home’s surface. As we prep your home, we’ll also address any damaged caulk we find around the property. Any loose boards will be fixed during this process as well.

Priming and Painting

If you’ve had any pieces of new, bare wood installed it may need to be primed before it can be painted. The primer will help prevent peeling in the future. Finally, as we move on to painting, we’ll cover the area with two coats of paint to ensure quality, top-notch coverage and protection.

Cleanup and Inspection

Our job isn’t done once we’ve finished the final coat of paint. We need to make sure we don’t leave you with any mess to worry about. It’s our responsibility to dispose of the masking we put up and make sure we leave your home in excellent, presentable condition.

After that, we’ll inspect our work to make sure it meets our standards. Before we leave the property we will want to make sure you are thrilled with the outcome as well.

What Else Can We Do?

In addition to exterior painting, we also offer the following services:

Want to know the answer to your pricing questions in more detail? We are proud to serve the Central Florida area, and would be happy to answer your questions. Reach out to our talented interior and exterior painters at Custom Care By Caleb, LLC, today to learn more!